Saturday, October 3, 2009

Is Rosie Starr a PEOPLE Starr?

A few nights ago I was at home, in bed, trolling around facebok. I was commenting on peoples pages and pictures instead of sleeping as I should have been, when I suddenly got an instant message from an old co-worker. He began to question me in a virtual rapid-fire!

Him: Hey Roz...
Were you on a TV show?
Me: LOL... Hi, I'm fine. How are you? I miss you... long time no see.
Him: Were you on Dr. Oz?
Was it something about fast food?
Me: Actually, I was... why?
Me: Knew what?
Him: It IS you!!!
Me: Yes... we've already established that it was me. Are you okay?
HIm: Roz, your picture is in People Magazine...
I was looking through it and I saw it and I thought to myself it looked an awful lot like you.
Me: OMG, are you serious? Wow.
So I had to ask. I didn't know that you were on the show.
OMG, you really are a Rosie Starr.
Me: LOL, no, I'm really not a star, but one day babes... one day :)
You've got to take a pic and send it to me... I had no idea!

And that's how I came to learn that my picture was in People Magazine. Of course, I had a few similar interactions with a couple of people for the following days as they discovered the picture on their own. People magazine really has a wide audience!

The very next day I went to Walmart and thumbed threw the pages until I found my image within the cleverly named article "The Wisdom of Oz" on page 104 of the October 5, 2009 issue.
Lo and behold, there I was, standing besides Dr. Oz. Of all the cutesy poses and pics they COULD have posted, they chose the one of HunchbackStarr! UGH! I'm standing there, bent over and looking at something in his hand. ** making the mental note, to bend at the knees the next time I'm in front of cameras**

To make matters worse, they caption the picture and reference me as a "woman", gee whiz, can't I be a "lady"? AND, they state that he's showing me what my blood looks like since I eat fast food 5 times a day. FIVE TIMES! If I could afford (time and money) to eat fast food 5x a day, TRUST that I would be eating something waaaaay better than fast food. *sigh* My name isn't mentioned anywhere in the article and the specific show that I appeared on isn't mentioned either. It's just an article about Dr. Oz and his plans for his new show.

The article is a good read and it makes Dr. Oz all that more lovable. For a skinny guy, he's kinda sweet and cuddly :) I must say, that he was rather charismatic and genuine when I met with him in person. He was also a lot of fun. I told you guys about our shenannigans on set... all of the "fun" stuff they cut out of the segment that aired. Anyway... I'm super happy for him and wish him oodles and oodles of continued success!

Pick up your copy of PeopleStarr Magazine today!