Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm a "Starr", How Could I Not Shine?

How could I not shine?

Oh... let me count the ways!

My nerves were on the brink after receiving a call from my girl Alisha at ZoCo last night. She called to let me know that my segment of Dr. Oz was indeed scheduled as the Series Premier on Monday September 14th!

Quite honestly I was reluctant to let any one know about the show at first. I didn't feel the greatest about it and was worried about the light in which I'd be presented. Like any other woman I was worried that I'd look fat on TV; after all, they say the camera adds ten pounds and I recall seeing at LEAST three cameras on the set. (wink) Would they show me eating like a pig or would they make me out to be slothful and not in control of my actions? The fear of the editing room is worse than that of stepping on a scale!

Now that I’ve seen the show I hope that the episode can help some people to see some of the health hazards of eating fast food.

Fast food is filled with preservatives and cholesterol and all sorts of horrible things for us... There are healthier alternatives to eating on the go... and I plan on incorporating them into my life so that I can successfully wean myself from those tarnished golden arches!

I know that I’m not alone in this struggle, so I will make the attempt to blog about my progress in hopes that I can help motivate others to give up the unhealthy evil ways of fast food. I’ll also occasionally add some Rosie-isms and keep you informed of what else I have going on as I take further steps in my journey to Rosie Starr-dom.

Join me in the battle! Follow my blog, and most importantly…WISH ME LUCK! :)

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