Monday, September 14, 2009

The "Starr" of the show...


I really was waiting to exhale!

I caught the show at 11 am on Fox. It came on right after Wendy. Great placement in the morning line up! Kudos to the powers that be at ZoCo.

So... I watched the show, and though I wasn't entirely pleased... it wasn't as bad as I'd feared. The show on the whole was really good, and I'll likely be a regular viewer.

My segment ca me on about 15 minutes into the show. Naturally, I followed the "sexy segment" which was all about erogenous zones and how to please your partner.

I watched myself eating in my car as I drove around thneighborhoods that I'm usually in when I drive within my territory for work. My gosh. Who knew that food could be so unsexy!!
There was a shot of me stuffing fries into my mouth... but I was driving! Who can really eat one fry at a time while behind the wheel? There was another shot
where my mouth was full of burger and I was wiping the Big Mac sauce from the corners of my mouth... Why didn't I think to eat "daintily"??? Ugh!

There was lots of footage taken that must have stayed on the cutting room floor. Dr. Oz and I really bonded when he yanked me from my car and he said a few things to me that left an impact. For example, he took one of my fries (one that just so happened to have a pointy edge)... and said, "What is this that you're eating?" I said, "French Fries... they're vegetables!" He then proceeded to tell me how awful they were for me and started to poke me in the arm with a fry and told me that they were poking holes in my arteries the same way he was poking my arm. The arm pokes hurt, and somehow, what he said "clicked" and made something that I already "knew" that much more relevant to me.

After the undercover surveillance, I was brought on stage and I watched myself beside Dr. Oz.

I really liked my makeup... it was subtle, I wasn't overly made up, but I thought I looked pretty good. Their MUA did a pretty good job, and she was FAST too!

I watched myself walk across the stage and liked that I chose to wear a black dress that hugged my curves, but was also appropriate for daytime TV. I remember thinking like a model, and trying to stand in a model stance, without LOOKING as if I were modeling... I wanted to seem relaxed and natural, and not too posed.

I was amused by some of my facial expressions, probably because I knew that in some instances I was thinking things that I really couldn't say out loud.

When Dr. Oz and I were at the table, there were big piles of "stuff" representing all of the junk in the food I was eating. There was a bowl of sugar and one of salt and one of cream that represented fat! Dr. Oz explained to me that if I continued to eat all of the Fast food, that I'd be ingesting a bowl full of fat every week. He then stuck his hand in it and scooped some out. He asked me if I wanted some fat and told me to taste it. I told him he was crazy! He started toward me and I ran away, and he chased me for a few steps. It was funny. But, it didn't make the show.

There were a few other things that I did that weren't included, like when I told him I thought I could put lettuce and tomato on my burger because it was like accessorizing my sandwich! I guess I shouldn't have upstaged the host, huh? I didn't plan to... I'm just a bit of a comic and a bit of a ham!

He suggested these Fiber biscuits that would fill me up before a meal. I think I'll try them. I need to Google them, I'd almost forgotten about them! Apparently, they expand in your tummy so that you don't eat as much. Seems like a natural appetite suppressant... you know, as opposed to those pills that can have adverse effects. Maybe the little fiber cookies... which weren't delicious, but didn't taste bad at all... can help me to slim down in addition to keeping me nice and regular.

It's game time!

I tried to stay away from the fast food... I was good for several days, and then I slipped up. I am often out late at night, and when I'm out and about there aren't that many options. It's not as if there are fruit stands on every other corner at 11 pm at night... but there are drive-thrus!

Last month I joined a gym but I've only been a few times. Last week I started swimming lessons.

"I am the master of my fate... I am the captain of my soul!" - Invictus, William Earnest Henley

I'm taking control of my health and of my eating habits. This is my life, I've only got one and I'm taking charge!

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