Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's fun to STARR at the Y M C A ...

and it's fun to swim at the Y M C A too!

I'm back home again. I just came in from the Y where I am enrolled in a swimming class. It's an adult class and there are only a handful of students.

I had a long day... I was awoken by my manager with one of his occasional fire-drills and after that my day seemed non-stop. I drove around Brooklyn and visited some stores for work. Fixed a few problems and took a few calls. By the time I was done with work "work", I barely had time to get home, shower and change to head back out for swim time. I really felt like going to bed, or vegging out in front of the TV, but I knew that you were all eagerly waiting to hear about my day, right? So, I dragged myself to the Y and figured that I was gonna make the best outta the Benjamin that I put down to be in the class. Times are hard... rumor has it that there's a recession going on.

Today in class we worked on our freestyle technique and our instructor tried to get those of us who were afraid of the "deep end" to overcome our fears. I tried to keep moving while in the water to maximize my calorie-burn. I treaded water while on the deep end instead of holding on to the edge and kept twisting and turning when I was idle in the shallow end.

The first class was last week, but today I noticed that not only am I the FATTEST swimmer, but I'm also the FASTEST and the BEST. And NO, it's not because fat is less dense than muscle... so there!!! I thought it was funny that I hadn't noticed that I was the biggest in the class last week. I guess sometimes I just don't think about size so much and perhaps that's partly the reason why I've gotten to be the size that I am. Sometimes I forget that I'm a fat girl and am surprised to see that I take up quite as much space as I do.

As much as I kept trying to make excuses for myself about why I didn't feel like going to class tonight, I pushed through and I went and you know what? Besides feeling wonderfully exhausted, I also feel good. I was happy after swim class. I was bonding with the other swimmers and building relationships. If you know me, then you know that I'm a social butterfly and am only too thrilled to meet and relate to new people. As I walked back to my car, I wondered if this good feeling was the endorphins those crazy physical trainer people used to talk about or if I was genuinely happy. I'm not sure... seems like I'm going to have to work out a bit more and test this theory.

I stayed away from the fast food eateries today... even when one of my stores employees walked in with a bag from Mc Donalds and the fries smelled soooooo good! She offered me some and it took all my will to say no! They looked so fresh and crisp and tasty... but I knew that you can never just have ONE FRY! That's like eating a grain of rice, or just having one piece of popcorn... those things aren't meant to be eaten alone... they're best in bunches and clusters :)

I didn't eat the healthiest today, but I didn't have any fast food or junk food. I did however eat a little more than my fair share of bread, but mmmmm... freshly baked, harddough bread from Allan's Bakery on Nostrand Ave is absolutely positively, without a doubt, irresistable! If you don't know, you'd better ask somebody. Good thing they make a whole wheat version!

I'm pooped... I haven't even dried my hair properly after having washed it at home, but I'm hitting the sack. I'm soooo going to sleep well tonight!

Sweet Dreams & Curvy Kisses,
Rosie Starr

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  1. Glad you made yourself go. Keep it going and in no time you'll wonder what the big deal was and why it took you so long.