Sunday, September 27, 2009

McDonald's STARRts to lose it's appeal...

I don't quite remember the last day that I had been to Mc Donald's prior to the premier of the Dr. Oz show on Sept. 14th. It had been at the very least, several days. Since the show, I have managed to stay away... for the most part.

About a week after it aired, I was tempted on the way home from a late night out. It was 4 am, and as I drove through the drive-thru, I was told that they weren't serving food and that they'd be up and running again in 30 minutes. I took it as a sign from God and drove a few more blocks home feeling grateful for what I considered divine intervention!

Visions of Chicken Mc Nuggets haven't been dancing in my head, but for a while, the temptation was pretty darn strong. Mc Donald's is everywhere on this planet... kinda like oxygen! But you know what? As days and more days passed by, the easier and easier it became to choose a healthier option, or to wait to eat until later when the fast food choice wasn't present.

I'm currently on the last leg of a family vacation.

Last weekend, I flew down to my mom's home and we drove about 10 hours north from where she lives to meet with my aunt and her family. My stepfather, Lord bless his soul, is just a weeeee bit neurotic, and INSISTS on drinking nothing but Mc Donald's coffee to keep him awake and alert during the long trip. So of course, we HAD to stop at Mc Donald's 2 times on the way there, and I was weak... I ordered... BOTH TIMES! The first time I decieded to have a Chicken McNugget Happy Meal. I figured, I'd have the yumminess I craved but just in a smaller portion. It was okay, but it wasn't nearly as yummy as I had anticipated. Later that day, I had a McChicken sandwich, and it was so unpleasant, that I only ate half. I thought the chicken patty was rather thin, and that there was more breading than chicken. On the drive back home to mom's house today, I put my foot down and insisted that we didn't go to Mc Donalds, but he put his foot down too and seeing as it was HIS car his foot weighs a trifle heavier than mine ;). We were back at McD's and of course, I could have refused to eat, but I didn't. I figured if I were thre, I might as well indulge, and I remembered that Dr. Oz told me that I should have LETTUCE on my burgers to make them healthier. With that in mind, I ordered a BIG MAC! OH-MY-GOSH... It was the most horrible Big Mac I had ever eaten! I KID YOU NOT. I took a second bite just to be sure... and yup, I was right the first time. I thought to myself, but this never used to taste this badly before. Hmmmm... maybe I really am starting to "lose the taste" for it.

At first I was really annoyed that I'd been thrown off track. I was worried that once I had a bite, billions of bites would follow. Now I think it's just shown me that it's not as tasty as I'd imagined. And now that it seems to taste worse to me, I think that I'll even be less inclined to desire it. I'm a very finicky eater, and there's an excellent chance that if I don't like something, then I won't eat it! I wasn't one of those children who was made to clean their plates, and eat things that I didn't like.

My mom reminded me that as a kid, although I was a picky eater, that she made sure that I had a balanced diet and back then. I was a slender girl and everytime I had my bloodwork done, the Doctors would comment on how excellent it was and proceed to inquire about my diet. Boy... how times have changed! Huh?

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  1. sounds like times are changing again...for the better :) Love you Starr!